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BODY SCRUBS- To protect your natural skin barrier properties, I only recommend using my BODY SCRUBS about once a week.


PRODUCT CONTENT- Although I make every effort to produce high-quality products that are safe for your body and the environment, natural scrubs and many of my other products can contain ingredients that could be harsh to your skin if not used properly. Please follow all instructions that come with the product. I am not responsible for plumbing issues or for the way you use my products. It is up to the buyers' discretion to maintain proper care and use. I do not guarantee my products will provide a particular experience since everybody's body chemistry is made up differently.

CAFFEINE CONTENT- While using caffeinated products is perfectly safe and even beneficial for the skin, it is important to know that your body will absorb the product's caffeine content. The longer you leave the product on, the more caffeine your body will absorb. However, the skin does a pretty good job of keeping things out. Some studies have shown that a body scrub alone will not get much caffeine into your system, but since everyone's body is different, I decided to include a warning. According to several studies, a completely covered body would take at least 2 hours to absorb as much caffeine as a weak cup of coffee. These findings are insignificant, but I thought I would add a warning in case some of our buyers are sensitive to caffeine. 

OIL SAFETY WARNING- The oil in my products may BE FLAMMABLE if soaked into clothes or towels; take precautions. They can cause the floor of your tub or shower to become slippery. It is recommended that you use non-slip stick-on grip strips. Spray with a natural cleaner of your choice and wipe the oil off the floor of your tub or shower after every use. If you don't want the oils in my products to remain in your grout simply use a mixture of borax, soap, and water and use a scrub brush to remove the oil.

FD&C COLOR ADDITIVE- It has come to my attention that some manufacturers put "May contain FD&C color additives" as warnings on their labels even when no color has been added to their product. This makes it difficult to tell what has color additives and what doesn't when I'm purchasing base ingredients for my products. I try to avoid buying any ingredient that has chemical additives or preservatives if at all possible but I cannot always know what has FD&C color and what doesn't, therefore, I'm passing the warning along to you. MY PRODUCTS MAY CONTAIN FD&C COLOR ADDITIVES (of no fault of my own). I want my products to be as clean and green as I can make them and I strive to have chemical-free products. When I say "All-natural," that means that I put forth EVERY effort to make it true! Some things are just beyond my control.

NATURAL OILS- Natural oils are known to stain clothing. Be sure to rub in any oil left behind on the skin after each use and pat dry with a towel before getting dressed. Natural oils can stain towels and some people have allergies to certain oils. Be sure to practice safety precautions when using my products and test for allergies according to the advice of your preferred medical professional. I am not a medical doctor. I am not responsible for the way you use my products or for any type of misuse. 

Planting a Tree


Unless you get sweaty during the day, you can just dab your armpit with apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball. The smell of the vinegar is strong at first but will dissipate after a few minutes. Apple cider vinegar is a great natural deodorizer. Or, you can buy my natural deodorant here.    



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