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What I stand for...

Above all, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm not ashamed to share my faith because people need to know that God is the only source of peace!

If you need prayer, message me. 


My Story


A plethora of health issues and allergies, along with my mother being diagnosed with dementia, motivated me to start learning how to DIY my own cleaning and skincare products. Then a hormone-positive breast cancer diagnosis kicked that effort into high gear. I've now become a DIY NINJA!


After much research, I am astonished at what is being sold to consumers! Many cosmetics contain unhealthy chemicals and preservatives known as hormone disrupters, which can increase estrogen in women or change the way their body produces or uses hormones. Our bodies have dermal absorption, which means they soak up what is put on the skin. Soaking up these toxins can lead to breast cancer and other health issues. In protest against some manufacturers adding known carcinogens to their products, I've decided to sell holistic products and educate the public about what I've learned.  

As part of my demonstration, I am also creating a luxury brand. The new website will have a blog with educational material as well as more products than what I have here. Be sure to sign up for my updates so you will know when I publish the new site.

To give you an alternative to manufactured products, I make skincare products made with all-natural ingredients. They may not last as long on the shelf (so you need to start using them as soon as you get them), but they're free from harmful ingredients. I am committed to providing customers with great quality, natural skin care products that are fun, effective, affordable, and hypoallergenic. Let’s get healthy together! 

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